Wednesday, October 3, 2012

kecelaruan jiwa

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Its being a long time I've never drop any post here. 
Not because of lack of idea, I've thousand things to write here, loads of memory that I couldn't put here 
but I would like to remain here, as I never know how long the memory could last fresh in my medulla oblongata :P

I just because of TIME.
Yeah I could say that this semester is TRIPLE busy than before.
Though I just have 3 subject this sem, 2 core and 1 uni requirement, 
but the 'busyness' are triple.

Yeah its all because of the society thingy.
Alaaa some would said "sape suh join, pegang lagi jawatan." etc etc.
People's mouth could never shut. Not to blame them, or blaming myself. 
But certain people will know why I'm in the society.

Tired? YES. Sometimes I feel like I've lost my time for myself, for my school friends, for my hobby.
Most of it was dedicated to the society life. Yes, to be honest, I've loads of ample time, but yeah its all for the society.

Never blame the fate, never blame Allah.
He know best for me. Yeah sometimes I felt down, its normal to human being.
But today I just don't know why,
the memories kept popping to my minds.

The highschool life, Convent BM, SAKBA, Netball, Handball, Tok, Tok Ayah, Yayah...
 All out of sudden!
The memoris make me realise, time can never be back.
We can't find time, but try to 'make time' - Sarah's quoted.

It is a waste if I couldn't plan my life wisely.
I never regret to devotee my teenage time for the societies.
We have only one chance to live, use it wisely.\
Use it fully.
Use it hardly.
No matter how hard is it.
But NEVER against the shariah~

"Life without problems is problem."


Why a la you  soo fast? I feel like wanna say "Hey bro, wait la, we're just at N, you're already Z."
Time never wait aite? Huh my new 'enemy' in class. I'll try to beat him, okayy. 4 flat to go!
~jiwa kacau, tolong la bangun,sedar, jangan aa macam nii
*please don't try this at class
Library 2nd floor
Mathematics II
Lost of mind.


  1. Never put all those stuffs as burdens for you, do it for the Allah sake :)
    That experiences would really shape yourself to be tougher than before. hehe.
    Trust in yourself, Good luck nab!

  2. thanks wann! its good to have some advice, keep in touch yea :D


apa kau rasa? oren?

a big thank you for ur comment, May Allah bless :)