Thursday, August 18, 2011

the barakah of Ramadhan

Ahlan wa sahlan ya asdiqa'!
Happy Ramadhan Kareem to all! Now whether all of us realise or not its have been 16 days of fasting.
That means, we're losing the Ramadhan soon! Ouh I hope as if it can be another month for Ramadhan to me. The question here, do I have the time for the NEXT Ramadhan????

May Allah bless us on this barakah month. Now lemme tell U bout my life in CFS during this month. Guess what, it was the most wonderful time here.! 

There was a 'bazaar fiesta' at AMF HALL last week.
It was superb, awesome, amazing with all goods selling over there. 
Of course you'll see more sisters there than brothers. Hehehehe.
(I've bought a blouse there too xD)

This was held on 10th August 2011.
The 'TARAWIKH PADANG' held by ENGENIUS was really cool!
With the free air cond it feel better I guess. Heheee

This event is the most popular amongst the UIAM students. 
Talaqi that held by Al fadhil Ustaz Muhadir Haji Doll was new things to me 
BUT yet I began to like it.! 
"Seek for Allah and you will get His blessing!"

Jeng jeng jeng!!! Introduce to you Grand Charity Ifthar, in collaboration
between MEDCY and IDEA.
Im one of the committee, as ST members. 
We've invited orphanages n single mothers from 'Rumah Anak Yatim Taman Medan'.
The GCI held fully by 1ST YEAR STUDENT was TREMENDOUSLY AMAZING. Alhamdulillah I praise to Him. With His blessing everything runs smoothly.

Home sweet home. ERRR?
"The gate of garden, knowledge and virtue"

Till here then, hope to post more things bout the GCI! ;)
Selamat Berbuka!!


apa kau rasa? oren?

a big thank you for ur comment, May Allah bless :)